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If you have ever had a case of the "spins," you know what vertigo feels like. The sensation of motion all around you while you remain still can be unsettling, sickening and even dangerous. If you need an Austin vertigo treatment that can get rid of such symptoms without resorting to surgery or other drastic methods, you should consider chiropractic care offered at Austin Chiropractic & Rehab.

What is Vertigo and what can be done about it?

Many people misuse the term to describe general dizziness, faintness or lack of balance, but it actually refers to a specific sensation in which your environment seems to be spinning or moving around when you are in fact standing, sitting or lying motionless. The feeling may be with you all the time, or it may come and go. The intermittent variety usually occurs in response to some physical action such as turning your neck, crouching forward or leaning your head back.

Why does it happen? While some cases may be caused by tumors or afflictions of the brainstem, many are caused by problems either with the cervical spine or with the delicate arrangement of bone and cartilage in the inner ear that controls our sense of balance, a dysfunction known as labyrinthitis. The good news is that these issues may be successfully treated through a course of chiropractic adjustments.

Role of Our Chiropractor For Vertigo Treatment in Austin TX   

Here at Austin Chiropractic & Rehab in Austin, we welcome the opportunity to help your body heal itself of the conditions causing your vertigo. But before a chiropractor near you can perform the right kind of adjustment for your situation, we must first do some diagnostic testing to determine the root of the problem. For example, you may be asked to rotate on a stool with your head held motionless to see if that motion elicits a case of the chiropractic needing vertigo doctor in Austin

"spins." We will also take a detailed look at your cervical vertebrae to look for misalignments that may be causing or aggravating the problem. Once we know what areas to adjust, we can then perform precise manipulations to restore your natural spinal alignment, relieve muscle tension and release pressure on nerves.

How can you prevent this condition from reoccurring? Once again, our chiropractor may be the answer. Regular chiropractic care and maintenance adjustments may prove extremely helpful in catching cervical misalignments before they advance. Keeping your spine in proper shape through correct posture, strengthening exercises and regular checkups will go a long way toward eliminating vertigo from your life for good.

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If you are tired of feeling queasy, off balance and disoriented, and you are ready for a naturally effective way to regain both your balance and your life, consider what a skilled, experienced, and caring chiropractor can do for you. Contact our office today to set up an initial appointment, learn more about our treatment methods, and put yourself on steady ground again.


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