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Looking for a "back pain specialist near me" in the Austin area? Since 1991, Austin Chiropractic and Rehab has helped many patients get relief from chronic or severe upper, middle or low back pain. There is a long list of factors that can cause back pain, and it can happen to people of any age.

Our Austin Back Pain Specialist, Dr. Shawn McHone, provides back pain treatment consisting of advanced techniques that can alleviate the pain, correct the misalignment and underlying cause, such as a pinched nerve, which can result in a number of other condition

The rib cage supports and stabilizes the spine in the thoracic area, but the lower back vertebrae have no such support system. Although this makes the lower back highly mobile, it also makes it more likely to suffer from a misalignment or injury. 

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Common Causes for Lower Back Pain: Pinched Nerves, Sciatica & More

lower back pain specialist austin tx

What Causes Back Pain?

There are a multitude of causes of low back pain that a chiropractor near me can help with. Sometimes it is a recent accident or injury, other times is simply bending or twisting wrong. It can be an injury from years ago which contributed to your current pain. Old joint injuries can create a cascade of joint dysfunction in the back years after the initial injury. These joint dysfunctions cause some muscles to become tight and other muscles to become weak resulting in poor stabilization and accelerated degeneration of the spine resulting in recurrent low back pain. Discovering the true cause of back pain is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. A thorough history and exam leaves clues in finding the weak link causing continued pain.

At our chiropractic clinic, our Austin back pain specialist near you, Dr. McHone, can offer treatment programs for common causes of lower back pain that include trigger points, accidents and sports injuries, arthritis, obesity, poor posture, stress and several conditions directly related to the lower spine that often lead to pain in the area. Those conditions include subluxations, or a misalignment of bones in the spine, herniated discs, which are bulging or ruptured discs, and sprains, strains and muscle spasms. 

Sprains, strains and spasms are often caused by overworking the ligaments and muscles in the area which can result in pain, swelling and tightness due to small tears in the tissues. Subluxations and herniated discs can lead to the pinched nerves that cause sciatica, hip pain and leg pain in addition to pain in the lower back.

A misaligned spine is a common cause for back pain as the misaligned vertebrae can be pressing down on nerves. A pinched nerve can result in sciatica, hip pain and leg pain, all of which our chiropractor in Austin, Dr. McHone has effectively treated.

Studies of patients suffering from pain over eight weeks for their first episode of low back pain indicates the pain will most likely persist for over a year. (See Pain, 1997; 73:213-21)  

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek treatment from back pain specialist near you immediately.

Will Back Pain Go Away on Its Own?

Until recently, researchers believed that back pain will “heal” on its own. Clinical practice and recent studies show this is not true.  In fact, left untreated the symptoms may temporarily resolve but will most likely return. The study also showed that only 9 percent of patients having low back pain for 30 days were pain free 5 years later.

Our walk in Austin chiropractor has developed a gentle, effective system to restore normal function to the spine and relieve pain. 

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What Are The Red Flags of Low Back Pain?

Red flags can indicate a serious underlying cause of low back pain. “Red Flags “ include-fever, the presence of a severe or rapidly progressing neurological deficit, urinary and/or fecal incontinence, a history of malignancy, pain lasting more than 6 weeks, pain in persons younger than 18 or older than 50, a history of major trauma, pain radiating below the knee, night pain and pain non-relieved by position change.

What are some tips to avoid low back pain?

  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid prolonged bending or stooping
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight
  • Avoid prolonged inactivity or bed rest
  • Practice good posture
  • Change positions with prolonged sitting
  • Stretch and warm up prior to physical activity.
  • Lift with your knees and keep the object close, avoid twisting or bending when lifting
  • Maintain good core stability
  • Sleep on a firm mattress
  • Quit Smoking
  • Work with your Doctor of Chiropractic to assure your workstation is ergonomically correct

Studies also show the highest numbers of surgeries are done in the areas where there are highest numbers of orthopedic surgeons.

What Does A Back Pain Specialist In Austin Do For Treatment?

The initial appointment begins with a comprehensive, in-depth examination, a detailed history of the injury or condition, functional testing if needed and evaluation. Dr. McHone utilizes these assessment tools to pinpoint the cause of the pain or discomfort, and then determine the course and method of treatment. 

The techniques Dr. McHone employs are designed to adjust the spine and correct the underlying problem by using the proper adjustment method. Austin Chiropractic Adjustments for lower back pain that can often result in immediate relief and an eradication of related symptoms. 

Adjustments are effective because they realign the spine which, in turn, relieves pressure on nerves that may have been causing sciatica, hip pain and leg pain. 

For lower back pain patients, once Dr. McHone has been able to alleviate the pain through specific adjustments, he may design a custom strengthening program to improve the core muscle group. The core muscles help support the upper and lower back and a strong core can minimize the recurrence of lower back pain.

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Studies of patients suffering with pain over eight weeks for their first episode of low back pain indicates the pain will most likely persist for over a year. (See Pain, 1997; 73:213-21) Dr. Shawn McHone has developed a gentle, effective system to restore normal function to the spine and relieve pain. 

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