Foot Pain

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Feet have the important job of stabilizing the entire body and they cannot do their job while in pain. Foot pain is one of many reasons people Austin Chiropractic & Rehab. 

Foot problems can be caused by poor fitting shoes, injury, overuse or conditions such as plantar fasciitis and chronic poor posture. Each visit begins with an evaluation to determine the cause and tailor a treatment to correct the issue. 

 Dr. Shawn McHone can diagnose the cause and provide effective treatment for foot pain in Austin.

Plantar Fasciitis and Poor Posture

Plantar fasciitis is caused by swelling of the thick band known as the plantar fascia that stretches across the bottom of the foot connecting toes to heel bone. Our chiropractor commonly sees this condition in runners, pregnant women and people who are overweight. Physical therapy is the most effective of treatment; a series of gentle stretching and strengthening exercises that work the plantar fascia and achilles tendon. We also offer home care suggestions for plantar fasciitis such as wrapping the area to stabilize the foot.

Chronic poor posture is another common cause of misalignment in the spine and can throw off the entire body's balance creating unnatural stress on the feet. Poor posture can also lead to hip, leg and back pain. Our Austin clinic provides spinal evaluations and postural screenings to pinpoint the problem.

Nonsurgical, Natural Foot Treatment in Austin TX  

Dr. McHone determines the most effective treatment for the condition, Thompson Thermal Point using a special table. A spinal adjustment can alleviate pain in the feet as well as the accompanying hip, leg and back.

Flat feet that lack proper arch support if they interfere with the body's balance and biomechanics. We correct misalignment with one of our adjustment techniques and also advise orthotics, shoe inserts that provide support feet may be lacking.

Other causes of foot pain include broken or fractured bones, achilles tendinitis, ruptured tendon or other medical condition such as diabetes. The first step is to visit to our Austin clinic where we can diagnose the cause and create your custom treatment plan.

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