Austin Sciatica Doctor Near Me

If you're dealing with agonizing back pain, leg pain, odd sensations in your foot or balance problems when standing or walking, you're probably looking for ways to remove yourself from the sciatica statistics. Our Austin sciatica doctors focus on the underlying cause of your pain and relieving it through various natural, nonsurgical treatments.  

Our Austin TX chiropractor at Austin Chiropractic & Rehab, Dr. Shawn McHone, can relieve your symptoms can help you avoid recurring bouts of sciatica. 

Austin sciatica doctor near me

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is an astonishingly common problem, afflicting one out of every 10 people between the ages of 25 and 45 -- but there's nothing commonplace about the annoying or even disabling symptoms you experience when the sciatic nerve is impinged. 

When we use the term "sciatica," we're not actually referring to a disease or a medical condition; we're taking about a syndrome, a recognized set of symptoms associated with an underlying dysfunction. In this case, the dysfunction involves the pinching of the sciatic nerve. This massive nerve (the largest one in the entire body) feeds motor and sensory signals to all the nerves that branch out from it throughout the buttock, leg and foot. Just as pinching off the water in a garden hose near the faucet affects the flow of water all the way down the hose, pinching the nerve roots that attach the sciatic nerve to the spinal cord can disrupt nerve signaling to any part of these structures. Symptoms include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Pain running down the leg
  • Muscle weakness that impair leg or foot control
  • Tingling or "funny bone" sensations
  • Numbness

Why would sciatic nerve roots be pinched? While an acute subluxation caused by an accident or other trauma can certainly push spinal structures onto the nerve roots, degenerative disc disease can also cause bulging and/or herniated discs to press against the nerve tissue. A chronic spinal misalignment may also encourage sciatica to develop. The condition may come and go in bouts, but it will recur until you get it treated.

Natural Treatments to Stop Sciatica in Austin

Our Austin TX chiropractor can take the pressure off of your sciatic nerve without major surgery or other invasive techniques. Correcting spinal alignment can play a major role in relieving the musculoskeletal imbalances that cause sciatica. Our Austin chiropractor can administer the Thompson Terminal Point technique to locate the exact point of imbalance, facilitating precise adjustments to that spinal segment.

Cox Flexion-Distraction is especially effective for sciatic nerve impingement produced by bulging or herniated discs. The careful application of flexion-distraction force to the spine increases the spaces between the vertebrae, with vacuum pressure pulling the disc away from the sciatic nerve roots.

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In addition to treating your current sciatica symptoms, our Austin TX chiropractor can prescribe a personalized wellness and physical rehabilitation program to help you strengthen your back and maintain a straighter alignment, thus warding off future attacks of sciatic nerve impingement and pain. Call 512-451-0115 to learn how you can say no to sciatica for good!


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