What Is The Gonstead Technique?

Who was Dr. Gonstead?


Dr. Gonstead was a great chiropractor, healer and educator. He practiced in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, a town with a population of 1400. Patients and doctors from all over the United States, Canada and Europe sought his care. With a background in mechanical engineering, Dr. Gonstead created one of the most precise systems and techniques for evaluation and treatment of the spine and joint pain. This combined with his special gift of caring earned him the reputation of “The Miracle Man”


What is the Gonstead System?

Dr. Gonstead used his back ground in mechanical engineering and applied the principles to understanding spinal mechanics. The Gonstead technique utilizes five criteria in evaluation and treatment of your spine: x-ray analysis, visualization,nervoscope, static and dynamic motion palpation.

How does the Gonstead System Work?

After a complete analysis, the Gonstead practitioner takes great care to deliver a specific and precise adjustment. It is the goal of your Gonstead practitioner to restore and maintain optimal health by locating and correcting any interference to your nervous system caused by the vertebral subluxation


Does the Gonstead System treat allergies, sinus infections and Asthma?

No, the Gonstead system locates and corrects subluxations. Many times these conditions improve because the nervous system controls every single cell of the body. For example, I became a chiropractor because when I was adjusted my menstrual cramps went away. I had tried traditional medical approaches which failed. Gonstead practitioners see many conditions improve as the result of the body’s ability to heal itself once nerve function is restored. 

Does the Gonstead System treat constipation, menstrual cramps or frequent urination?

No, the Gonstead system locates and corrects subluxations. These subluxations block nerve flow to your entire body.  Recent research has documented that adjustments to the upper two vertebrae in your neck brings high blood pressure to normal levels faster than taking two combined medications for hypertension.   Dr. Gonstead recognized many conditions improved as he adjusted the spinal level. For example many patients with low back pain experience relief from constipation, menstrual cramps or frequent urination.

How did you become interested in Gonstead Technique?

I first became interested in Gonstead while in Chiropractic College. I had injured my neck and I was unable to get relief with traditional chiropractic. The pain became so severe I had to use both my hands to lift my head to get out of bed. In addition, I was having jaw clicking. I had read an article about Dr. Gonstead the Miracle man. 

Training courses were offered around the country with none in Texas. I found a seminar in Georgia and hitched a ride with a friend going home. I was adjusted one time and my neck pain and jaw clicking disappeared. It was a miracle. I had truly suffered for 6 months with severe pain and then with one amazing powerful adjustment my pain was gone. I committed myself to learning The Gonstead technique. Over the past 26 years I have helped over 20,000 people get relief from their pain. It is my greatest joy and mission to help those that are suffering find relief and get their life back. 

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