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restoring balance at whitehead chiropractic in Austin

Recently on a bike trip in Italy we had descended down a 2000 foot elevation. Half way down the mountain I heard a disturbing noise coming from my front spoke so I pulled to the side to inspect my bike. Not seeing anything I continued my thrilling flight down the mountain. 

Once at the bottom, I got off and realized I was missing a spoke. Several of the other riders and me decided there were so many spokes that just pulling one out was no big deal. The bike leader came up and said I could not ride with a broken spoke because losing just one spoke leaves the tire weaker and more vulnerable to an accident. So the chivalrous Italian leader gave me his tire and I continued with my friends. As I rode I compared the spokes to the human body. 

We have many parts that when working properly allow our body to work at maximum performance. However, when one part breaks down, like my spoke, the whole system can suffer. Just as my bike wheel rolls along the road, if too many spokes were lost it would begin to lose the smooth roll. That’s exactly what happens when we get out of balance. 

Imagine the pillars of the spoke include: 

Here, I discuss the last 5 pillars.

Proper Spinal Alignment

Proper spinal alignment allows innate intelligence to flow from your brain to every tissue and cell of your body. Vertebral subluxations chokes off the nerve flow and instead of building healthy tissues and cells the body begins to break down and deteriorate eventually causing pain and symptoms. Studies done by Windsor showed that areas of subluxations linked to areas of pathology in the body. I.e. Pressure on the nerve that goes to the heart revealed pathology in the heart. Pressure on the nerves in the low back can cause low back pain and leg pain. 

Studies show many non-spinal conditions improve when subluxations are corrected. In fact, part of the reason I became a chiropractor in Austin is because my menstrual cramps were relieved. For years I suffered and missed work. My chiropractor showed me how the nerves not only control the muscles they also control the organs. I thought it was a miracle when my pain when away. Now I expect miracles, because when the nervous system function is returned to every tissue and cell of the body. That incredible power that made your body heals your body.


Years ago before balance therapy was popular Dr. Janda was recommending many of his back pain patients receive balance therapy. Dr. Janda was a neurologist from Prague and considered one foremost rehabilitation doctors in the world. 

Poor balance contributes to lack of spinal support and resultant nervous system pressure. Imagine a 90 year old man running across the road and racing a 20 year old man. They both stumble in the same hole however the 90 year falls and the 20 year old does not look affected. The reason is the reaction speed or coordination of the muscles. The good news is this can be re-trained and improved. Simple balance tests can determine if balance therapy will help your spinal support. 


The number one best way to digest stress hormones is sleep, and deep sleep will metabolize cortisol and epinephrine better than anything else. In one study, those who slept under 4 hours a night gained 2 lbs. from that alone because the stress increases fluid retention. The 2nd thing that metabolizes stress hormones is exercise, you are increasing your feel good hormones.


Poor posture can lead to vertebral subluxation and early degeneration of the spine. Poor posture can increase normal disc pressure from 140 lbs to well over 200 lbs resulting in low back pain.

Diet /Chemistry

You could be eating 10,000 calories a day, however if you aren’t getting the specific nutrients you need from those 10,000 calories , your body is still hungry and essentially starving as a result on a nutritional basis and you will stay hungry. There is a deficiency of vitamins in our foods so as a result people are eating more trying to get these nutrients, however the result is that they just get over weight People are overfed and they are also starving to death, Studies reported by Davis in the Wheat belly book show a connection between diabetes, weight gain, joint pain, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, stroke to wheat. Eating one slice of wheat bread increases our blood sugar as much as one cup of sugar. I routinely see patients that eat a diet of lean meats and vegetables are healthier. Alcohol, wheat, grains, soy, dairy, and sugar are often linked to increased inflammation and pain.

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