Are you as old as your spine?

Spinal Health Through Austin Chiropractic & Rehab in Austin, TX

Here at Austin Chiropractic & Rehab we are constantly searching for ways to improve chiropractic care in Austin, TX. One such way we are currently focused on is through the aging process. As you age you are as old as your spine, meaning that how well you care for your spine reflects throughout the rest of your body. Here are some ways you can reduce the age of your spine.

How Does an Abnormal Curving Spine Lead to Diseases?

Individuals whose spine has an abnormal curve could be someone suffering scoliosis or something less serious, such as poor posture. According to research this curving causes the pelvis to sit unnaturally on the lumbar spine causing pressure on the spine. This leads to disease.

How Should I Care for My Aging Spine?

As we age our bodies produce less of the reproductive hormones that help keep our bodies in motion. This includes less testosterone, less estrogen, and less collagen. Without these three elements our bodies become more rigid, brittle, and less able to bounce back after stress and strain. While we can’t avoid aging, we can fight against certain symptoms. Keep your spine healthy by getting regular chiropractic adjustments. This increases oxygen and blood flow through the spine, which helps to rejuvenate the spinal column.

What are the Ways a Chiropractor Aids in Spine Health?

Your chiropractor provides adjustments to reinvigorate and realign your spinal column. This in turn helps to realign your musculoskeletal system and nervous system. For most common diseases ranging from fibromyalgia to sciatica to neck pain, this adjustment technique offers relief from pain. Ongoing adjustments help the spinal column increase its strength and vitality.

Your Chiropractor in Austin, TX

As your chiropractor in Austin, we want to help you improve the health of your spine. Austin Chiropractic & Rehab uses a number of advanced techniques to benefit your spine’s health. Contact Austin Chiropractic & Rehab at 512-451-0115 to schedule your appointment.


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