Knee Osteoarthritis: Facts Vs Myths


Here are some FACTS about knee osteoarthritis.

  • 1. OA changes on x-rays and imaging do not solely explain a person’s pain 
  • 2. Graded Exercise is safe and strengthens a knee with OA changes without causing harm 
  • 3. 20 percent of people do not get any pain relief from knee joint replacement 
  • 4. Pain does not equal damage 

Here are some MYTHS about knee osteoarthritis.

  • 1. Degree of arthritis on a scan predicts your pain and disability levels.
  • 2. Rest is helpful 
  • 3. Exercise is dangerous
  • 4. Only surgery will fix it. 

Combining Chiropractic & Rehabilitation To Determine The Underlying Cause Of Your Knee Pain

Your chiropractor near you or doctor will do a complete and thorough history and evaluation to determine the cause of your knee pain. If after discussing your history we think it is something chiropractic can help

We will move forward to a complete orthopedic, neurological and postural evaluation of all the joints of your leg including your ankle, foot, knee, hip and lower back. 

Very commonly restricted sacro-iliac joints effect the normal joint mechanics. Sometimes pinched nerves in your lower back cause weakness in the muscles supporting your knees. Pronation and supination can be a cause of knee pain. There are many underlying causes of knee pain. 

Your nearby chiropractor will take precise x-rays and measure the misalignment of your knee. You will be given specific gentle adjustments to restore the normal alignment of your knee, along with exercises to stretch, strengthen and stabilize your knee. 

Our doctors are more than just your chiropractors; we are your wellness coaches. 

They will help you understand the cause of your pain and get started on your road to recovery fast 

“Our commitment is 100 percent to our patients to get them out of pain and back to their life as quickly as possible"

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