Texting Can Cause Neck Pain and Spinal Degeneration!

Studies Show Texting Can Cause Neck Pain and Spinal Degeneration!   

Recent studies show texting causes neck pain and can accelerate degeneration in your cervical spine.

Those texting over 20 texts a day are at the most risk. 

Poor posture with the head flexed 30-60 degrees increases the weight on the cervical spine from 10-12 lbs.  to 40-60 lbs. This posture is associated with increased disc pressure, loss of the normal cervical spine and early arthritic changes.  

Recent studies confirm that these early arthritic changes are being found in younger spines of those that frequently text.

Dr. Wendee Whitehead recommends patients hold their cell phone up or near eye level when texting.  Texting with two hands may provide more symmetry to the spine when texting, Keep your home and work monitor at horizontal gaze level.

Dr. Wendee Whitehead D.C. educates her patients in a weekly class on posture improvement and stretching to prevent long term cervical degeneration and pain.  


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