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What Is The Gonstead Adjustment?

The Gonstead System requires dedication and commitment from a chiropractor near you. Gonstead doctors spend years of additional training to master the art and the science.

The Gonstead system involves understanding the biomechanics of the spine and correlating that with a patient’s symptoms. It is not just knowing what to adjust, it also involves knowing what not to adjust.

The Gonstead chiropractic technique is a system that includes: 

-A detailed patient history
-Visual postural analysis
-Static and motion palpation of the individual

The history determines the chronicity of the condition, how the condition occurred, what factors increase or decrease the symptoms, plus...
-Is this the first occurrence of low back pain or is this the 7th? More than seven episodes of low back can indicate a more chronic condition.
-Was the injury caused by lifting and bending or was it a gradual onset?
-Is the pain increased with coughing or sneezing? This can indicate a swollen or bulging disc.
-Is the pain worse with sitting or walking? This can indicate a lumbar vs a sacroiliac condition.
-Are there radiating symptoms into the arms or the legs? This can indicate the nerve level of involvement. If so, which positions increase and decrease the symptoms. 

For patients injured in auto accidents: 

-Did the pain start immediately or days later? More severe injuries cause pain immediately.
-Did you have mid back pain immediately? Mid back pain can indicate a cervical disc injury.
-Did you lose consciousness? This can indicate a head injury and a referral to a neurologist.
-Are you having clicking, popping or pain in the jaw? The TMJ is a hinge joint and is connected with muscles and ligaments. During an accident the jaw can become misaligned causing pain with chewing and talking.

Gonstead Chiropractic Technique

What's Involved In The Gonstead Chiropractic Technique?

After taking a detailed history your Doctor of Chiropractic will determine if this is a condition chiropractic care can help. If your Doctor thinks your condition will be improved with chiropractic care, the next step is to move forward to your exam. 

A complete orthopedic, neurological exam will be completed to determine the underlying cause of your pain. A thermographic evaluation will determine heat readings or areas of nerve pressure. After the area of the subluxation is determined your doctor of chiropractic will palpate for areas of atrophy of the muscles and areas of increased tone. Pressure on the nerve will cause muscle spasm which will be detected through palpation. 

Your Doctor of Chiropractic will then evaluate the range of motion of the segment of the spine involved. If following a detailed evaluation and exam you have spinal misalignments causing your pain X- ray analysis will then confirm the direction of misalignment for optimal correction. 

Your Doctor of Chiropractic will determine from examination if your misalignments are affecting your sympathetic nervous system or the parasympathic. 

After a thorough and complete exam your Doctor of Chiropractic will schedule a detailed report of findings and will explain the areas of spinal misalignments and the treatment to correct your individual condition. 

Following your report of findings, your Doctor of Chiropractic will start the process of restoring your spine back to its normal position and function. Many patients have relief immediately however each individual has a different rate of healing. 

Functional Goals are set the beginning of care to determine outcome. Goal setting is different for each individual. Some patients might want to golf without pain, others may want to sit without pain, Goal setting is important you and the Doctor of Chiropractic can measure your improvement. 

Other measurements of improvement are Thermographic evaluation and motion palpation Restoring the normal alignment of the spine relieves the pressure off of nerves causing pain and muscle spasm. 

As you improve you will notice your pain is relieved, your joint function becomes normal again. The Gonstead Difference means no Indifference, It means being precise. Water boils at 201 degrees. Races are won in milliseconds and lives are restored by commitment to the highest standards of care. 

A Gonstead Doctor takes the time to get the best information, deliver a precise adjustment and the end result means patients who get fast, gentle effective relief. 

Gonstead Doctors are 100 percent committed to giving patients the fast, gentle effective results they need and deserve. 


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