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When you need effective pain relief for discomfort in your back or other joints, Austin Chiropractic & Rehab can help. Our chiropractors offer gentle, non-invasive treatment for injuries and chronic pain. We've been serving Austin and nearby area for over 20 years! 

Whether you suffer from back pain or injured yourself in a car accident, we aim to offer the best results to alleviate your pain.

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Quality Chiropractic Care to Relieve Your Neck & Back Pain and More 

Serving Central & North Austin Since 1991: North Loop, Hancock, Brentwood, St. John's & Surrounding Communities

Dr, Shawn McHone uses various treatment options in Austin such as chiropractic adjustments and rehab techniques to treat a wide range of common injuries and conditions. Our services include chiropractic care, accident and injury rehabilitation, corrective exercises and more to help you recover from all types of pain problems.

Common Conditions & Symptoms Treated 

  • Upper, Mid, Low Back Pain
  • Accident Injuries (Car Accidents, Sports, Work Injuries)
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated Disc
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Foot Pain
  • Hip, Knee, and Leg Pain
  • TMJ & Carpal Tunnel
  • Vertigo & Whiplash
  • and more!

Why Choose Us For Nonsurgical Pain Relief?  

Dr. Shawn McHone, our lead chiropractor in Austin, TX, has been providing treatment for injuries and damage resulting from underlying illnesses or general wear and tear on the body since 1991.    

 Our board-certified chiropractor near you will perform screening tests to identify any potential risk to treatment and exercise.  If you have a condition chiropractic cannot help, you will be referred to the appropriate specialty. We are taught to assess and treat many types of conditions including chronic pain syndromes, whiplash and soft-tissue injuries, acute injuries, and extremities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to find the root cause of your symptoms and help you to relieve your pain, restore range of motion, and improve the overall physical function of your body. 

Our Patients Love Us

2016 patients choice winner best chiropractor in austin

We're proud to have earned the Patients' Choice Award for our top chiropractic work in Austin, based on reviews and rankings from our patients. 

But don't take our word for it.  Make an appointment and come in and see why we're Austin's choice for quality, effective chiropractic care for over 20 years! 

We Accept All Types of Insurances And New Patients Always Welcome!

We accept all types of insurance carriers (Contact Us or call us at 512-598-5180 to see if your provider is included!) always accepting new patients and walk-in appointments can be arranged. Our goal is to find the root cause of your symptoms and help you to relieve your pain, restore range of motion, and improve the overall physical function of your body. 

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Our Austin chiropractor, Dr. Shawn McHone, will help you get out of pain with fast and effective relief.  Precise chiropractic manipulation with your own specific rehabilitation program assures you of optimal results.  

Dr. Shawn McHone has developed a unique system to combine spinal adjustments with advanced rehabilitation techniques successfully for thousands of patients.  Call his office at 512-598-5180 and learn how to improve your posture and relieve your pain!

FAQ About Chiropractic

What is Chiropractic Rehabilitation? 

Chiropractic and Rehabilitation make a logical association.  Chiropractic corrects spinal joints misalignments, and Rehabilitation restores neuromuscular strength, flexibility, balance and stability.  

Combining Rehabilitation and Chiropractic will help you optimize and accelerate your healing while reducing the risk of future injury and joint degeneration.  

What Does A Rehab Program Include?

Our Board Certified Rehabilitation Austin Chiropractor will perform a complete and thorough evaluation to determine weaknesses in your flexibility, balance, strength and endurance.  You will then be given a specific treatment plan to optimize your healing.  A rehabilitation program includes:

  • Ranges of motion
  • Flexibility - flexibility exercises restore normal tissue length and prevent long term overuse injuries.
  • Strength - Strength helps improve mobility and stability.
  • Endurance - Endurance helps prevent injuries that result from repetitive activities. 

Flexibility, strength and endurance are all necessary for a healthy musculoskeletal system to perform normal daily activities such as sitting, standing, bending, walking, running or lifting. 

Meet the Doctor

  • Dr.
    Shawn McHone

    Dr. Shawn McHone has been in private practice for more than 12 years after earning his undergraduate degree in human biology and a doctrine of Chiropractic from the prestigious Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, Texas.  

    He is passionate about helping his patients get well and staying well.  He has dedicated his entire training and clinical expertise in helping his patients recover from injuries.  It's that same passion that he brings to the Austin area. 

     Dr. McHone is married with two beautiful children who he loves spending time with and traveling.  


It has been a year since I sought treatment, due to the pandemic, for my ailments. It is time now to take care of them and I am so happy that Dr. McHone and his team have started me on the road to healing, just from one session. I look forward to my next visit. Dr. McHone's clear explanations, understanding of the patient, and spot on treatments are a successful combination.

Ronald Latz

I was really impressed with Dr. McHone! He was easily able to diagnose my problem, and had a clear plan as to how to rectify it. I would highly recommend him. He spent the time necessary to make me feel heard and understood.

Julie Latz

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